Federal-Local Government

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                We have had the privilege over the years to do many prevailing wage public projects.  We offer our services as a steel stud framing and drywall company.  Also, rigid insulation, FRP, sound insulation, setting of hollow metal door frames and doors.  Door hardware, paint, and trims.  The advantage of using All Things Drywall & Construction, LLC is much like our residential side.  Whenever possible, if the project is not too large, we will offer as many services needed to keep the trades to a minimum.  The more we can do for you the less contracts needed and it makes the scheduling easier as we can roll from one scope to the next.

                Projects 2017:

  1. East Valley Gymnasium Addition – Moxee,WA.                                     General Contractor- Chervenell Construction Company

       Description: Frame 12” steel stud walls 28’ tall, GWB with level 4 smooth finish, Steel stud framed ceilings, Z fur and rigid insulation on the gymnasium walls.  Drywall with orange peel texture in the new locker rooms and classrooms.

  1. YTC JAM SCIF – Yakima Training Center, Yakima, WA.                           General Contractor – RJS Construction

      Description: Frame JAM SCIF rooms out of 4” steel stud, R-15 foil faced insulation, 1 layer of GWB, SCIF FOIL over lay, with 2nd layer of GWB, level 4 smooth finish, and sound caulking.

      3. Energy Northwest New Firing Range, Richland,WA.                      General Contractor – DGR Grant Construction Inc                                                   Description: Steel stud framed shaft wall and GWB.

  1. Energy Northwest Columbia Generating Station-Richland, WA.         General Contractor – Energy Northwest

       Description: Many small projects ranging from demo of old offices, to new framed offices, drywall, level 4 finish, set doors and hardware, Acoustical ceilings, paint, etc.

      5. East Valley Elementary Flood Damage, Moxee,WA.                           General Contractor – Chervenell Construction Company

      Description: Remove damaged drywall and replace with new.  Tape and texture to match existing.

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